Christopher Elliot Armstrong was born May 7,  to Irving Joseph Armstrong. Jr. and the former Valerie Kuntz in South Miami, Florida.  His half brother John "Wesley" Alvarez was four years old when Chris was born. His Grandmother Sissy and his Aunt Ginny were crazy about him, as were his dad and I.

Chris was a cute curly haired kid with huge endearing  brown eyes. Like his brother he learned quickly, and could read and write before going to school.  Despite his angelic appearance, Chris had a little mischievousness about him.

  We lived next door to a nice old lady when Chris was about 3 years old.  The old lady would stand bending over to pull weeds in her garden. I guess the temptation was too much for Chris because one day he went over and whacked her in the bottom with a broom.   A few days later she gave Wesley a little bag of  home made cookies and told him not to give any to Chris.

He did quite a few other things that caused us concern, not to mention many trips to the emergency room, such as sticking a bobby pin in an electrical outlet, annoying a Daschund till he was nipped by it, inhaling a peg from a "Lite Brite' game, that required surgery to remove.

 He once had a toy wind up indian that played a drum.  On the end of the drumstick was a little ball.  He removed that and wedged it so far up his nose that the doctor could barely reach it. He ate half a can of Comet cleanser, slid down a very rough palm tree causing painful abrasions all along his torso, got stuck in the eye with a fishing pole and had to stay in the hospital with both eyes bandaged for several days. 

Once he was riding his bike and looking back over his shoulder  not paying attention to where he was going and he accidently ran into another old lady knocking her down . She wasn't hurt but she yelled at him using the most unladylike language. 

  One beautiful day,  he and his brother were playing across the street at a friend's house. They were running  very fast around the building from different directions until they collided with each other and Wesley's two front teeth broke off and were imbedded in Chris' forehead.

 Aside from his hand being caught in the car door, I can't think of any more little mishaps that he had. Oh, I almost forgot, he nearly broke his leg playing Hackey Sack and was on crutches for several weeks.  Oops, Wes just reminded of one I had forgotten .  Chris crashed through the decorative concrete privacy wall around our property while riding a  motorcycle.  Fortunately, Chris was okay but the wall wasn't.

Chris did the usual Little League, Cub Scouts and Karate lessons when he was a kid.  He loved video games, too.

Chris has always been fascinated by how things work.  He has always loved to take things apart and put them back together again. If ever anything needs to be fixed, Chris is the man to do it, plumbing, cars, appliances, etc.

 He is a perfectionist in everything he does. If he is presented with a problem, he will not give up until it is solved.

We have told him he should have chosen law as a profession because he has a gift of being able to make his point clearly and convincingly.

He is technically inclined.  He is a computer wizard.  He studied computer aided drafting (CAD) in college   He runs his own business, "CADD", which stands for Christopher Armstrong Drafting and Design. His clients are civil engineers and surveyors.

Before starting his own business he worked for several prestigious civil engineering and surveying companies.

Aside from Chris' technical side, he has a wonderful musical talent.  He plays the guitar beautifully and has a beautiful singing voice.

I love it when he sings "House of the Rising Sun", and accompanies himself on the acoustic guitar.  He plays bass and keyboards too, but like his brother he prefers guitar.

Chris is an avid golfer and loves boating and water sports.  He loves his cats and dogs.  Animals love him too. He enjoys Star Trek (all generations). He is a sharp dresser.  He loves lobster and Chinese food with vegetables, Bar-B-Qued steak and a fine beverage. His favorite color is forest green. He is also incredibly intelligent and funny.

I trust Chris.  That is something I rarely or never say about anyone on this planet. 

Chris has a conscience.  He is almost conscientious  to a fault, if that is possible.  He has a great sense of fairness. He is good though and through.

On more than one occasion, I have seen him spend the better part of a day with a fallen injured bird , trying to locate a wildlife rehabilitator where he could take the bird for treatment.

He is a good soul. I always know things are in good hands if Chris is in charge.

Once again,as I have said in my other Family websites, it is an impossible task to tell everything about a person's life in a few paragraphs.  There is so much more to say about Chris that would fill pages and pages. I will stop for now and add more as the memories surface. 

I love you, Chris.  You are my precious sweetheart.


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